Below are examples of the equipment that we sell and service. 
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  Simple Folders
Prices start at $649 

  • compact size (feed table folds in for storage) 
  •  dial selector for easy setting of standard or custom folds 
  •  automatic feed of single sheets or manual feed of up to 3 stapled sheets (up to 20 lb. bond) 
  •  no separator to set for variations in paper thickness 
  •  fully enclosed fold plates for quiet operation 
  •  low-maintenance snap-out roller cartridge 
  •  anti-static strip for high static environments and carbonless paper 
  •  all-metal construction 
  •  UL and C UL approved 


 Automatic Folders
Prices start at $3,849 


  • 3 roller friction feed system 
  • pre-programmed with 6 standard folds 
  • stores 18 custom folds in memory 
  • control panel includes LED 4 digit counter with batch and total functions 
  • test button folds 2 sheets for inspection 
  • automatically senses and displays paper size 
  • extended exit tray for neat stacking of folded sheets 
  • single sheet feeding automatically maintained for different weights of paper 
  • auxiliary paper guide for cross folding 
  • load and unload paper from same side 
  • display alert and audible signal in case of incorrect operation 
  • skew and micro-adjustment dials 
  • fully enclosed fold tables for quiet operation 
  • quick-release roller system for easy maintenance 
  •  all-metal construction 
  • optional perforator, and scorer 
  • UL and C UL approved 


 Professional Folders
Prices start at $4,699 


  • dual roller friction feed system folds a wide variety of stocks, including carbonless sheets 
  • adjusts in seconds for standard and custom folds 
  • variable speed control 
  • powered exit conveyor 
  • sheet separation from top of fanned stack 
  • polyurethane foam rollers eliminate the need for fold roller pressure settings 
  • heavy-duty, non-flexing side frames 
  • needle bearings for high speed production 
  • optional extended delivery system, crossfold for right-angle folding, and slitting, scoring, and perforating attachments 
  • UL and C UL approved


Prices start at $1,799 


  • SCS® (Safety Cutting System) package
  • hinged, transparent electronically controlled front safety guard
  • transparent safety cover on rear table
  • main switch and safety lock with key
  • electronically controlled, true two-hand operation
  • 24 volt controls (low voltage)
  • patented IDEAL safety drive
  • automatic blade return from every position
  • disc brake for instant blade stop
  • blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers
  • blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade
  • blade depth adjustment from outside of machine


Shredding at the source—the essential security measure
The F.B.I. estimates that U.S. businesses lose tens of billions  of dollars every year due to theft of company data. All the electronic  security measures in the world are useless if you’re throwing out  confidential hard copies and disks by the truckload. Putting your trust  in an outside shredding service to dispose of confidential data for you  is not the answer. By outsourcing your company’s document disposal, you  effectively relinquish control of the program. In addition, the costs  associated with shredding services are at astronomical levels and are  not going to decrease. The surest and most economical way to protect  your company from data or identity theft is to shred sensitive documents  in-house, at the source–in the hardened steel cutting shafts of a  Destroyit® business shredder.


Deskside Shredder Sample
Prices range $379 to $1,399 


  • automatic start and stop 
  • single, multifunction control switch with pilot light for stand-by, stop (off), and reverse 
  • transparent safety shield in the feed opening 
  • high quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples and paper clips (strip-cut model takes credit cards) 
  • lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts 
  • impact-resistant plastic shred bin 
  • convenient handle for lifting shredder unit from the shred bin 
  • automatic power cut-off when shredder head unit is removed from bin 
  • 5 gallon shred volume 


Centralized Shredder Sample
Prices range $1,599 to $7,599

  • automatic start and stop 
  • wide, 10 1/4" feed opening 
  • high quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples, paper  clips, and credit cards (strip-cut and 3/16" x 1 1/2" cross-cut models  take CDs) 
  • lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts 
  • quiet and powerful single phase motor 
  • durable gears enclosed in dust-proof housing 
  • high quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters 
  • pull-out bag frame for disposable shred bags 
  • 26 gallon shred volume 



  • removable side tables provide large work space 
  • easy-to-use control panel with push buttons for forward, stop, and reverse 
  • safety lock and key, main switch, and emergency stop button 
  • automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of paper jam 
  • optical indicators show operational status 
  • high quality, hardened steel cutting shafts are soft metal  resistant and can take CDs, VHS tapes (cross-cut only), and hardbound  documents 
  • lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts 
  • convenient, centralized oiler for lubrication of the cutting head 
  • high powered 3 phase motor rated for continuous operation 
  • durable gears enclosed in dust-proof housing 
  • large shred compartment with easy-access door located in back of machine 
  • pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags 
  • 79 gallon shred volume 
  • automatic power cut-off when shred bag is full or when cabinet door is opened 
  • thermal switch prevents overheating 
  • mounted on heavy duty casters 

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