Check Processing Equipment

Below are examples of the equipment that we sell and service. 
Our service and sales capability is not limited to equipment on this website.
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Check Signers


Widmer Check Signer R3 

Features Include:
Instantaneous Trip
No buttons to push or handles to pull

Adjustable Guide
For precise signature alignment

Rugged Metal Case

Brass Signature Plate
Clear, distinct reproduction and long life

Case Lock
Optional Electric Security Lock available

Removable Die Holder  

Check Encoders


Maverick MX-3 

If your location needs a smaller less 
complicated encoder, then the Maverick MX-3 check encoder is for you.  This machine is perfect for locations that just need a machine for  temporary checks. Simply key-in the information and drop the
document in the track. The MX-3 will encode the MICR code-line exactly to ANSI specifications required for check processing. 


Hedman HE1600 

 The  Hedman HE1600 is a check audit system that can process documents for 4  separate disbursement accounts allowing for different size and style  documents. It includes three differnt reports list, summarize and total  all transactions for simplified reconciliation. 


  Maverick MICR VI  

Items that  cannot be posted as part of normal financial presentment such as  suspect items, signature verifications, large dollar items,  non-sufficient funds (NSF), and items missing MICR data can be encoded  with the M-610 to fully qualify the exception item.  The process of  encoding items before presentment enables production oriented work  groups such as proof and item processing departments to operate at peak  efficiency, saving time and money.

The M-610 is a direct replacement for Maverick’s M-100 and M-210 series  exception item encoders.  Incorporating new technology, the M-610 runs  15% faster than previous models while allowing you to utilize your  existing programs, ribbon supplies, and minimize operator training.