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Below are examples of the equipment that we sell and service. 
Our service and sales capability is not limited to equipment on this website.
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Coin Machines

Reis 3320 Coin Sorter

For years, the Reis CS-3320 coin counting/sorting/packaging machine has been recongized as the most accurate and durable product on the market.

The ever reliable coin recongition system meets the challenges of today and those of the future. The ergonomic user interface allows faster and more simple inputs and better recognition of counting results. A variety of options are available on this machine that make it a more powerful piece of equipment. 

Billcon CHS 10 High Speed
Coin Counter

Counting coins is a task that is time-consuming and must be error-free. Billcon's new high speed CHS-10 coin counter processes high volume of coins at a rate of 4,000 per minute (dime) for accurate, rapid and efficient coin counting. The smaller size coins are rejected into a reject box, while larger size coins remain in the hopper.

For operators, the CHS-10 is extremely easy to use, simplifying their work. The body of this desktop model has a low design, so it is easy to place a large quantity of heavy coins into the hopper. All controls are located on the front of the machine to make operation more convenient.

Cash Counters

Billcon NSeries Currency Counter

If you're looking for an affordable, accurate and high-quality currency counter...your search is over.  This machine allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective, they spend less time counting and more time helping customers.

The Billcon N-Series Note Counters offer you all this...and so much more. Heavy duty construction, sleek design and 1,500-note-per-minute speed...all in one compact machine. Features include UV and magnetic detection and /or discriminator.

Billcon D551 Discriminator

The Billcon D-551 Currency Discrimination Counter allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective, they spend less time counting and more time helping customers. Here's how....

No presorting is necessary. Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go. The D-551 counts the bills you want to count, and automatically diverts the others to the large 100-note-capacity pocket. Everything is performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.

The all-new Billcon D-551 features advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology, six modes of counting bills preset batching and a blazing 1,200-notes-per-minute speed. Billcon's unique full-line sensor accurately distinguishes between the six denominations of U.S.bills

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